Heads Up, You Can Now Buy Whole Boxes Of Malteser Teasers

Need. These. Now.


When it comes to tubs of Celebrations, there’s a hierarchy that must be followed. Yes, it may vary from house to house, but it goes something like this in mine: Malteser Teaser > Galaxy Caramel > Galaxy > Milky Way > Twix > Bounty > Mars > Snickers.

If, like me, you come from a house of chocolate lovers, you’ll know it’s a cardinal sin to a) eat all the Malteser Teasers or Galaxy without giving someone else a chance to have some and b) to ravage the leftover chocolates and leave only a few paltry Snickers.

That’s why it’s very welcome news that Mars have released individual boxes containing just the hallowed Malteser Teasers. Heaps of them.

Gusto mo? #officeperks

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The Malteser spin-off already comes in bar, Easter bunny, Christmas reindeer and chocolate spread form, but until now the individual chocolates were only available as part of Celebrations boxes.

However chocolate addicts in the UK have spotted the boxes for sale at Tesco, and Mars have confirmed their existence, according to FM104.

It’s uncertain whether the boxes will make it to Irish shores, but we’re holding out hope. Just think of the amount of family arguments it would prevent.


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