Hello There! Meet STELLAR’s New Editor, Vicki Notaro!

The March issue of STELLAR is on stands on February 15th and it's a BEAUT.

Credit: Naomi Gaffey

STELLAR has had a bit of a makeover for its March 2017 issue, and it’s not just the design that’s changed up. We have a new editor at the helm too! World, meet the fabulous Vicki Notaro.

Vicki’s no stranger to STELLAR Towers, btw. She started out as a staff writer with our sister mag KISS way back when, and has been writing for STELLAR in various forms since our very first issue in 2008. Yup, close to a decade ago.

Since branching out in 2012, Vicki has, in her own word, “done it all” in terms of magazines, and we’re only delira to have her sitting in our Editor’s chair. You can pick up the lush March issue from February 15th (look out for Ariana Grande on the front cover!) but in the meantime, we sat down with Vicki to find out a bit more about her – and to grill her on the great Beyoncé V Adele debate.

Welcome, Vicki! What’s it like to be back on Team STELLAR?
It’s amazing! It’s felt a bit like coming home. I convinced the magazine’s founding editor Susan to give me a column in 2009, and it was the best experience I’ve had in journalism. I left the company in 2012 to try new things and get a broader experience and it’s safe to say I’ve had that! After nearly three years in newspapers and two years freelance, I’m coming back a little older and professionally, a good bit wiser.

What are you most excited about for your new role?
Speaking to women just like me. When I was working on KISS I was older than the target demographic, and in my past editing roles I was a good bit younger than those buying the magazines I produced. I’ve done it all in terms of magazines – a health supplement for older women, a fitness magazine, a men’s rugby and lifestyle magazine… so it’s actually brilliant to be working on a title that I myself would buy. And look, I won’t lie, I’m excited about all the make-up I’ll get to trial.

Stellar’s had a bit of a makeover for this issue. Has it been fun putting everything together?
The best fun! I’m an absolute nerd about magazines, and I think you get something from them that you don’t get from pure online content. Reading a mag is an experience. When I was freelance writing full time, I really missed putting together visually beautiful as well as informative pages.

Now, the important stuff. Beyoncé, Adele, Kim or Mariah?
I’m going to say Kim, because I feel like she’s the underdog in this gang! She’s my beauty icon, and I find her utterly fascinating. I tend to find it grating when people worship the likes of Beyoncé as if she’s a perfect creature with a perfect life when in reality she has as much of a public persona as anyone, and what we know about her is what she wants us to know. With Kim, I feel like what you see is what you get. She has her flaws, but who doesn’t?

Coffee time, we’re buying! What’s your go-to order?
Americano, splash of hot milk please.

Instagram or Twitter?
Instagram. I love Twitter, but it can a bit of a scary place at times.

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Night out or night in?
Well my ideal night would start with dinner and drinks out and end with wailing along to Celine Dion and Britney Spears videos on YouTube with a homemade Old Fashioned. So both! I’m as much a fan of lying down as I am of socialising.

And finally: what’s on your agenda for the next 12 months?
I want to make STELLAR the very best it can be, continue to please our loyal readers and bring even more fab ladies in to the fold. I want to prove print has as much a place as ever as well as increasing our digital output and audience.

STELLAR has had a makeover! Look out for our new March issue on shelves from February 15th!