Here’s A Rundown Of All The Conspiracy Theories That Have Rocked Love Island 2018

This season has raised a lot of questions.

We really can’t tear ourselves away from Love Island. Yes, we know we’re having the hottest summer ever and the World Cup only comes around every four years, but there’s nothing better than settling down every evening at 9pm to catch up on the antics in the villa.

This season has been full of twists and turns and it’s turning out to be one of the most calculated series they’ve had so far.

Nearly every episode, Twitter is on fire with speculation that Love Island producers and some contestants are manipulating the show – and while we know all reality shows are scripted and skilfully edited to some extent, we can’t help but love the amount of theories this one has produced.

Here’s a run down of all the most bonkers and brilliant ones so far.

The infamous kiss between Georgia and New Jack? Faked

There was quite the controversy when Georgia decided to take Laura’s new man, Jack, out on a date and kiss him not once, but twice. It’s clear to the viewer that Jack tries to pull away from the second kiss, but Georgia is having none of it and lands one on him.

Going back to the villa, Jack claimed that the kiss was one-sided – Georgia disagreed, which left many viewers wanting the tape to be shown to the villa. But now a new video of the kiss has been circulating, showing a different angle.

Many viewers believe this proves it’s fake, as in one angle Megan and Wes aren’t there when Georgia and Jack kiss, but in another they’re behind them. Have a look for yourself:

New boy Idris was told to lie to Laura about the kiss

On last night’s show, Idris took Laura out on date and told her that he thought Jack was the one who went in for the kiss. While this could be a ploy from Idris to get Laura to couple up with him, many viewers think that producers told Idris to say it to stir the pot.

The whole business about Laura’s age

At the start of the show, Laura got a fair bit of trolling over her age as she was coupled up with Wes, who is nine years her junior. Eagle-eyed viewers went through Laura’s Instagram and found a picture from 2016 featuring a banner and birthday balloons that had 30 on them, which would now make her 32.

Thank you for our cards Le meridien. #redeemedthemselves

A post shared by Laura Anderson ? (@lauraanderson1x) on

After all the speculation that she was lying about her age, a picture of her birth cert was released to prove she was in fact 29.The post had been from a joint birthday with her then-boyfriend, who was 30 while she turned 27.

Suspicious dumpings

The re-coupling and dumpings this season have left a lot of people raising their eyebrows. After a week where Twitter was lighting up with hatred for one or two people in particular, the public vote would come around and someone completely different would leave.

This left people speculating that producers were rigging the votes to allow the most disliked people to stay in the villa just to cause drama.

Editing is used to project a certain image of Islanders’ personalities

As contestants come and go from the villa, we get a different insight into what the producers don’t show us about some of the Islanders’ personalities. When Eyal was dumped from the show, he spoke candidly about his time in there and what everyone is really like.

While recently we have seen Samira being a little bit snakey with the whole Megan, Wes and Laura thing, Eyal revealed that from the very beginning he thought she was the ‘biggest snake’ as she always ‘sits on the fence’:

On the TV show Lorraine, ex-islander Darylle also said she thought that Samira was in there to play a game. Oooh!

So whether you believe the show is set up or not, there’s no denying that this year is full of conspiracies. And we love it, TBH.


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