Here’s How Long It Took Producers To Find Adele’s Former Teacher Ms McDonald

TV moment of the year.


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So in case you missed it, Adele reunited with one of her favourite teachers from school, Ms McDonald, during her ITV special concert, An Audience With Adele. It was an adorable moment that brought all the feels.

But it turns out it was a lot harder to plan than you’d think.

Ben Winston, a producer for the event, revealed it took Fulwell73 – the production company, five weeks to track Adele’s teacher from her days at Chestnut Grove School in Balham.

FIVE WHOLE WEEKS! That’s some serious dedication.

Adele had no idea Ms McDonald would be making an appearance and was absolutely shocked when she saw her.

It all started when Emma Thompson quizzed Adele about who inspired her. Adele revealed that Ms McDonald was a significant part of her life and inspired her love of songwriting.

“She left in year eight, but she got me really into literature. I’ve always been obsessed with English, and obviously, now I write lyrics. But she also did street dance, I was too scared to go in, but like in the canteen they used to do these dances and stuff like that.

“She was so bloody cool, so engaging, and she really made us care, and we knew that she cared about us and stuff like that. She used to have all these gold bracelets and gold rings. She was bloody cool and so relatable and likeable that I really looked forward to my English lessons.”

Ms McDonald was then brought on stage as Adele (and us) started tearing up.


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Adele is currently promoting her new album 30, which has skyrocketed to the top of the charts and is the best selling album of 2021 in the US.

Words by Sláine McKenna

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