Here’s How Love Island’s Kem Reunited Rochelle Humes With Her Long-Lost Sister

They hadn't seen each other in over twenty years!

Sisters Rochelle, Lili and Sophie

Sisters Rochelle, Lili and Sophie

This is a bit of a wild ride.

Rochelle Humes has revealed that Kem Cetinay of Love Island fame reunited her with her long-lost sister.

The Saturdays singer said that she met Lili once when they were kids but they hadn’t seen each other in twenty-three years.

“I grew up with my mum and sister, all my siblings are half siblings. My dad was never around,” she told Giovanna Fletcher on her Happy Mum Happy Baby Podcast.

“I’ve never told anyone this before. Two years ago, I was at our management’s Christmas party and Love Island’s Kem was there.


“He was chatting away and said, ‘I got to talk to you… as soon as I became a celeb, I promised my friend Lili that I would talk to you as she’s your sister on your dad’s side’.

“I knew of her and met up with her when I was five, but it was so complicated as they were a lot younger and my dad wasn’t involved.”

Kem then passed on Rochelle’s number to Lili, and the sisters began chatting and decided to meet up.

“She WhatsApped me and I didn’t reply till the morning. We planned to go out for dinner with my other sister and brother and I made Marvin come with me because I was so scared,” she said.

Now Rochelle and Lili are inseperable, not to mention basically identical, alongside their other sister Sophie, who Rochelle grew up with.

“We are literally the same people, Marvin was like, ‘OMG, there’s more of you.’ We’ve spoken every day since – Jeremy Kyle style. It’s like we’ve known each other all our lives.”

It won’t be long before Kem is hosting a reality show where he reunites people with their long-lost family, we can see it now!


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