Here’s How Twitter Reacted To *THAT* Call Out By Kim Cattrall on Sarah Jessica Parker

There have been a lot of mixed opinions

Yesterday may have marked the end of a any hope we had left for a third Sex And The City movie, as the show’s Kim Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker are em brawled in a social media war.

SJP recently publicly gave her support to Kim on Instagram, following the tragic announcement that her brother had been found dead in Canada.

We thought all was well, as Kim thanked her SATC colleagues for support in a post just three days ago. But yesterday, she made her feelings VERY clear.

The public call out has set off a serious twitter debate, with many people wondering what exactly went on between the two on-screen besties for things to have gotten this bad?

But the one big question remains, are you team Kim or team SJP??

What do you think??



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