Here’s Just How Much Irish People Love To Treat Themselves… And What They’re Spending On!

It may come as shock (or not at all) to some that we Irish just LOVE to treat ourselves.

But we weren’t sure of exactly how true that really was, until now!

A new study carried out by One4all has concluded that  a whopping 86% of Irish people love to treat themselves, or ‘self gift.’ Whether it’s Christmas, birthdays or just a Wednesday, we’re spending our hard earned money on those who deserve it most… ourselves.

Aside from the fact that over 3/4 of us love to treat ourselves, it has also been revealed that the main thing people spend money on for themselves is in fact a car. Thats right, over 14% of us have self-gifted with a car. Why not!?

The act of self-care is an important part of everyday life, but it doesn’t always have to be an extravagant gift from ‘me to me’. A sweet treat has been revealed as the most popular way of treating yourself on a daily or weekly basis, with 45% saying they would consider chocolate to be a treat or gift to themselves. This is followed closely behind by two more foodie favourites, with a meal out (42%) or a night in with a takeaway (34%) proving to satisfy the self-gifting cravings.

We are loving the whole ‘treat yo’self’ attitude of this little nation, but our favourite finding perhaps of the lot, is that just 1% of those surveyed admitted to feeling bad about it. Yasss Queen!

Check out the full findings below… and go ahead and buy yourself something nice.

  • 86% of the nation are completely on board with the concept of self-gifting
  • Almost half (47%) say they would spend a Christmas bonus from work on themselves
  • Birthdays are the most popular self-gifting occasion (56%)
  • Just 1% of respondents say they feel regretful after self-gifting
  • A car is the most popular indulgent purchase people have self-gifted themselves with 14% of the vote
  • People are most likely to gift themselves whilst on holidays (40%) or at Christmas (35%).
  • A quarter of people (25%) admit they buy themselves what others have failed to, saying that they have self-gifted when they didn’t receive what they wanted for their birthday or Christmas.