Here’s The Deal With That Global Fake Tan Shortage

Is it time to stock pile?

We hate, hate, hate to be the bearers of bad news – but experts are warning us about a fake tan shortage that could be heading our way.

A white Christmas indeed, Irish women up and down the country are currently stockpiling the tans in anticipation. But do we really need to be worried?

Medicine Direct, an online pharmacy in the UK  reported that a key ingredient the beauty/pharmaceutical industry, ethoxydiglycol, is becoming scarce.

The clear, odourless liquid helps cosmetic products such as fake tan and makeup be applied to the skin.

However, we don’t need to panic and bulk buy just yet, as it has been reported that St Tropez, St Moriz and Bondi Sands are the brands that may be worst hit by the shortage.

As it stands there’s no timeline on when the ingredient will be back in stock, but chatting with Jon Higham, the Managing Director of Medicine Direct, shared that it could be a lil while before the magic ingredient is back in business.

“The manufacturers of the raw ingredient will not provide any date as to when it will be back in stock. That tells us that supply is not going to resume for a long time.”

“When the manufacturer does not provide a date as to when it is back in stock, from my experience, the product is about to experience a long delay and may not be available again”

People, understandably, are not too impressed with the news.