Here’s What Abi And Scott Had To Say About Leaving The Villa

"I trusted him by his words, not his actions"

Last night’s Love Island saw Scott and Abi dumped, after being voted one of the least three compatible couples in the villa, alongside Molly and Zach and Mitch and Ella B. It was then up to their fellow islanders to decide who would be leaving, with Abi and Scott ultimately being chosen.

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These two have had a tumultuous ride as a couple – here’s what they had to say on their way home from the villa!

Scott van-der-Sluis 

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How does it feel to be leaving Love Island?

I knew it was my time and I’ve had a great run. I’ve met so many great people and I’ve learned so much about myself.

You and Catherine were initially coupled up. Did you see that going somewhere?

I didn’t think I told Catherine enough before Casa Amor about how I was feeling. At the same time I stayed loyal when I had the opportunity to go elsewhere. It wasn’t as if I went into Casa Amor and no-one liked me – I spoke to Gabby a bit but chose to stay loyal to Catherine. She didn’t do the same thing but hopefully it works out for her. Once the situation is put to bed for me, it’s done and there is no going back.

Were you surprised Catherine recoupled at Casa Amor? 

So many thoughts were going through my mind at the time, I didn’t know what I’d be surprised at and what I wouldn’t. In the back of my mind, I wanted to try and prepare for it and then it obviously happened. I got over the situation pretty quickly so I wasn’t down about it.

You’ve been getting to know Abi during your time on Love Island. Did you ever think there could be something between you two?

We had one conversation [in Casa Amor] and she came away thinking I wasn’t interested in her. When we had conversations as friends, I was single and I fancied her. We had good conversations so I thought to myself, why not go try and explore that? Ultimately it hasn’t worked in the end and we’ve become friends as I didn’t see it working from my side. Hopefully we’ll still be friends.

Were there any other girls you wish you had gotten to know during your time in the Villa? 

I think when I first came in, it was between Catherine and Leah but I don’t think I went about the Leah situation the way I should’ve. I think she held a grudge against me for the rest of her time in the Villa. Maybe I could have gotten to know Leah a bit more than I did.

Who were you closest with during your time in the Villa?

All the boys – the boys are all a really close group. I got on with Lochan really well. I had some deep chats with Zach but the boys as a whole, they’ve all got different personalities. We’re all a really close group. We say what we need to say to each other and then as soon as it’s said, it’s done and we don’t hold any grudges.

What is your favourite Love Island memory?

Walking into the Villa for the first time – it was so surreal. The first day getting to talk to every single girl and not one of them saying they were closed off and they all seemed interested! And my mum and sister coming in to see me.

Which couple do you think are the strongest and will go all the way to the end?

Tyrique and Ella. I think they’ve been on the biggest journey. The public put them together on day one and I think Ty has struggled with his emotions for so long and for him to say ‘I love you’ and come to terms with everything for this one girl is the best !

Have you enjoyed the experience? Have you learnt anything about yourself?

I’ve enjoyed the experience thoroughly. I don’t regret anything I’ve done. In hindsight, maybe I should have gotten to know Gabby better at Casa Amor but I stayed honest with myself and enjoyed every moment of it. I’ve learned that I put situations to bed really quickly and I’m comfortable with seeing things that affected me a day ago and moving on from them quickly – I think that will help me in the outside world. Also, I feel like I’ve stood up for what I thought was right in there.

Abi Moores 

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How does it feel to be leaving Love Island?

It’s never nice to be dumped but I’m pleased I got to have the full Love Island experience. I’ve been on a journey in the Villa and I’m happy to be leaving because I didn’t find the connection I wanted, not for any other reason. I’m also happy to be leaving with Scott as a friend.

We saw you and Mitch grow close in Casa Amor. Was he the boy you always had your eye on?

Going into the Villa my sights were always set on Mitch, he was the front runner the whole time because he had such great energy and I knew when we met that we would bounce off each other. We got on better than I initially expected but we both moved quite quickly so our connection fizzled out quite quickly.

How were things going with you and Mitch before him and Ella B started getting to know one another?

Before Ella B arrived, me and Mitch were really good. I genuinely felt really happy with him and I believed it when he told me that he had tunnel vision for me. Mitch told me if I cut things off with Scott he would make things exclusive with me so I never doubted our connection and felt like we could potentially be something.

How do you feel about Mitch now?

I don’t see us being friends on the outside, I don’t feel like he treated me fairly, I think he could have handled things a bit differently. I don’t think he went about things in the right way.

We’ve recently seen you getting to know Scott. How did you feel about Scott? Were you keen to make things work?

Initially, I came in with my eye on Mitch but Scott was the other guy I saw a potential connection with. When he showed interest in me, I wasn’t sure if it was already a friendship thing as he didn’t show interest in Casa. I’ve always said I thought Scott was good looking though, so it wasn’t a bad thing!

How do you feel about him now?

We’re friends and are going to end this experience as that. I feel a bit disheartened and let down that there wasn’t a connection, I feel like he didn’t put enough effort into making one there. I trusted him by his words, not his actions.

Were there any other boys you wish you had gotten to know during your time in the Villa? 

In all honesty, no! I went in for Mitch and Scott was the only other guy that I thought was a bit of me.

Who were you closest with during your time in the Villa?

100% Molly – we have a really good friendship. She shocked me, I saw her before going in but wasn’t sure how well we’d get on. Also Amber – I can’t wait to see her when I get out. I have a good friendship with Kady, as she’s been through this experience before I’d always go to her for advice. And Whitney – she’s the best at advice, she’s so honest. And also Scott, we do have a good friendship too.

What is your favourite Love Island memory?

Probably the paddleboarding date with Mitch. I had such a good day there and it was such good vibes. That was my favourite.

Which couple do you think are the strongest and will go all the way to the end?

I’m gonna back Molly and Zach because Molly is my girl and they do have a really strong connection. Even though they are total opposites, they just work! I think my winner is Whitney and Lochan, she’s been my winner since I saw her for the first time. She’s just got the energy and she’s just great. Lochan is very invested in her, I definitely see them becoming boyfriend and girlfriend very soon.

Have you enjoyed the experience? Have you learnt anything about yourself?

I’m so grateful, not everyone gets to experience Love Island. I’ve learnt I’m a very honest person and wear my heart on my sleeve. I’m not a game player, I lay all the cards on the table, if I like someone I’ll tell them – I’ll always be upfront.

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