Here’s What Gemma Owen’s Dad Michael Owen Had To Say About Her Love Island Appearance

He seems a *little* scarlet...

If you don’t know, Love Island contestant Gemma Owen is the daughter of football legend Michael Owen.

It seems Gemma’s conversations in the villa have been leading up to the reveal of who her father is at some stage, which we know is going to make waves with the football lovers inside.

And although Gemma is keeping her famous dad’s identity to herself for now, outside the villa, her dad is getting questioned about the show. It seems he is not a fan of the topic as he admitted to trying to avoid Love Island questions in a recent interview.


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During Live coverage 0f UEFA Nations League in Germany, Michael appeared as a pundit and he wasn’t introduced in the usual way, presenter Jules Breach said, “The father of Love Island’s Gemma Owen, Michael Owen here with us, a big night for the Owens last night, Michael, how are you feeling today?”

Clearly scarlettt Michael put his hand over his blushing face and responded, “Jules, I came all the way to Germany to try and avoid all that back at home, but you’ve brought it up straight away. I am feeling alright thank you. This is taking my mind off it so don’t bring it back up.”


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It’s understandable why your dad mightn’t be super comfortable watching you crack on with lads on television, but we’re sure he’s a supporter from a far!

Gemma (19) has just been coupled up with Davide (27) as he had the choice of what girl he’d like to ‘steal’ on last night’s show. Gemma seemed happy with this decision as she previously said he was just her type.

The envy of the other girls who were doting over the Italian bombshell, Gemma might have met the man of her dreams! It’s still early days but we are buzzing to follow her Love Island journey.



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