Here’s What Happens When You’re Left In Charge Of A Love Islander’s Instagram Account

Amber Gill's bestie tells all.

Over the past few weeks, Love Island viewers have been mulling over one very important question. If you went into the villa, who would you trust to run your Instagram account while you were away?

Current Islander Amber Gill bequeathed her accounts to her friend Martin Tweedy – and speaking to the Huffington Post, Martin revealed that looking after them has “taken over” his life.

His talent for memes and cutting commentary has been recognised by fans:

But it’s not just cracking jokes and bigging up your famous mate. Oh no. Martin has become Amber’s de facto agent, dealing with the brands and TV producers who want to work with her after she comes out of the villa, and now spends most of his day answering business queries.

“She must get over 1000 emails a day, and about 2500 messages on Instagram- lots of which say, ‘If you promote this brand, we’ll give you two grand for a couple of posts’,” Martin told HuffPost. “Literally I’m petrified I’ll miss something, so I go through every single message.”

He has also made arrangements for her new life as a celebrity, including setting up her own limited company and business bank accounts.

I almost feel like a proper businessman, it’s weird… I’ve spoken with Islanders from last year to get tips on what they did in terms of VAT and tax. I’ve been dealing with solicitors to put contracts in place, so that when she comes out, she’s got this work and can choose what she wants.

While Martin has been offered support from the Love Island welfare and press teams, he thinks it would have been useful for the producers to give him a heads up on what to expect while handling Amber’s social media.

“There’s been no formal training as such, and it would have been handy if they’d put a package together on what to expect while she’s in there,” he suggested. “She’s getting all these deals and I’m like, am I doing the right thing here?”

Amber’s following leapt from about 4000 to over 1m over the course of her two month stint in the villa, thanks in no small part to Martin’s diligence. What a great pal he is – you’re a lucky girl, Amb.


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