Here’s What Kady, Ouzy, Amber And Josh Have To Say About Leaving The Villa

They're all spilling the tea!

On last night’s Love Island, the islanders got to let loose with a guest appearance from Rita Ora – and then Maya Jama arrived. In classic twisty fashion, the villa was left in shock as two couples were dumped from the villa; Amber and Josh, and Kady and Ouzy.

Here’s what the four had to say about leaving their Love Island journey.

Amber Wise 

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How does it feel to be leaving Love Island?

I’m obviously gutted to have left but happy to have had the experience and grateful that I was able to meet such amazing people.

You initially coupled up with Sammy when he brought you back from Casa Amor. Were you surprised by his decision to recouple with you as he’d been getting to know Gabby too?

I was really shocked. I did think it was 50/50 me or Gabby – he hadn’t made it obvious or given anything away. I was shocked but happy because it meant I was able to stay longer.

Did you think there could be a chance for you both? How did you feel when he rekindled things with Jess? 

More so at the start but as I got to know Jess and seeing them two together, they’re so much better suited as a couple. They’re very similar with their personalities so I kind of saw it coming. It wasn’t the best feeling but I was happy for them. I think sometimes mine and Sammy’s chats were a bit dry even though we did get on  well.

You were then coupled up with Scott. Was there anything romantic between you both? 

I’m not too sure. I don’t think anything would have come from that. I think we both got on really well and we had a lot in common but I don’t think anything romantic was going to blossom between us.

And more recently you’ve been coupled up with Josh. Was there anything romantic between you both? 

I tried to stay open but he wasn’t really my type and I knew he’d come in for Jess so it was very much going to be ‘friends’.

Were there any other boys you wish you had gotten to know during your time in the Villa? 

If I was in a club on a night out then Tyrique would be the one I’d head towards – he’s mostly my type on paper. Me and Tyrique got on really well so maybe if I had come in sooner then maybe we could have had something but him and Ella were so strong. I really liked Ella – we were quite close in the Villa. I was close to all the girls.

What is your favourite Love Island memory?

Rita Ora was unreal but probably going in with the girls at Casa Amor. It was such a buzz and we were all so excited to be going in together – it was nice walking in with five other girls. We were all so different and unique in our own ways. I made really strong friendships with them.

Who were you closest to during your time in the Villa?

I was really close with Kady and Whitney. We’ve already planned  brunch  back in London.

Which couple do you think are the strongest and will go all the way to the end?

Lochan and Whitney – I’m backing them to win .

Have you enjoyed the experience? Have you learnt anything about yourself this time around? 

I’ve definitely had some self growth. I did end up in lots of friendship couples but I learnt that sometimes friendships are better than relationships.


Joshua Brocklebank 

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It’s bittersweet. Obviously it’s gutting because I’m leaving some good friendships I formed with the boys behind. I feel like me and the boys got on really well. I’m leaving in a friendship couple so I don’t feel like I’ve been voted off because our relationship isn’t compatible, I’ve left because we’re a friendship couple and it’s Love Island – we weren’t moving in that direction.

We saw you couple up with Jess initially. Was she the person you were most keen to get to know? Do you think there was ever a chance for you guys?

Jess was the person I was originally attracted to when I went in. She’s got a lot of good qualities – she’s a bubbly character. We’re both quite loud and energetic which compliments each other because I think I’m the same. I think her head was always with Sammy. You can see how well they get on and how genuine their feelings are so I’m happy for them.

You’ve recently been coupled up with Amber. Was there anything romantic between you both?

To be fair the first two days the chats with Amber were really good – they were flirty. Amber’s a lovely girl and really genuine. Hopefully for her she finds someone now she is out.

Was there anyone else in the Villa you had a spark with? Or anyone you wished you had got to know romantically?

When me and Ella B met we got on really well. Her type is Essex boys – tall and tanned. When we first met on the first day, we were getting on like a house on fire. We’ll see what happens with the Mitch situation I guess.

Which couple do you think are the strongest and will go all the way to the end? 

I’m backing Ty and Ella and I’m backing Sammy and Jess – I’d like to see them do as well as possible. Ty and Ella – it’s so real between them two. Ty is so head over heels for her, he’s basically in love with her. Sammy and Jess – even though I split them up for a couple of days, there is a reason they keep coming back to each other as they get on so well.

Have you enjoyed the experience? Have you learnt anything about yourself?

I’ve absolutely loved it. I think I’ve come out even more confident than I was before.


Kady McDermott

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How does it feel to be leaving Love Island?

I loved everyone there and I loved the experience. I didn’t think I would be in there for nearly four weeks! I had a connection with Ouzy and I know there is only two weeks left , but there is no one in there that I would have had a better connection with. Leaving with Ouzy made it so much nicer so I felt like it was my time to go. I’ve missed my friends and family and my dog!

You initially coupled up with Zach and you appeared to have a connection. Were you surprised he recoupled at Casa Amor? How did it feel to see Molly back in the Villa?

I wasn’t surprised he recoupled but obviously I didn’t know it would be with Molly. I’m a slow burner and we only had a week together, I don’t think he realised that I did actually like him. Obviously I rejected his kiss at first so maybe if we’d had a bit more time then it would have been different but I’m genuinely happy for him and Molly.

You’ve recently been coupled up with Ouzy. How do you feel about him? 

We didn’t speak much in Casa Amor – I think we had one conversation and he was so shy. Him and Ella knew each other before so even when Ella brought him back, I didn’t think we would connect. We’re both slow burners but we have the same morals, we were both the oldest in there – I was screaming for an older boy and some maturity! He’s bloody beautiful too.

Will you continue things on the outside? What’s next for you guys? 

I’m excited to go on dates with him and experience everyday  things. I’ve never been to Edinburgh so I’m definitely going to go to Edinburgh. He’s got five beautiful sisters and he said they’ll all love me. He’s going to come down to my house and meet my dog.

Were there any other boys you wish you had gotten to know during your time in the Villa? 

No, it was just Zach and Ouzy. I loved all the boys, they’re all amazing. I’m 28 next month, I wanted to see something long-term and I didn’t see longevity with any of the other boys.

How does this experience differ from your previous Love Island experience? 

It was so different but there were so many aspects that were the same like the Beach Hut! It was a rollercoaster but I loved it. There were such good people in there – people that I never would have met in the real world.

Who were you closest with during your time in the Villa?

Leah – I loved her so much. We’re very similar but I’m probably a bit louder than her and gobby. She was the person I could really open up to. I’ve adopted Amber as my little sister, she reminds me of myself when I was 19 – she’s very head strong. I loved all the girls, I love Whitney, loved Jess – how can I forget Jess? Jess is incredible – I absolutely adore that girl.

What is your favourite Love Island memory?

I think it’s genuinely just meeting everyone. They are such amazing people. I loved every single person there. But I have to say Ne-Yo before Casa Amor because that’s when everyone was on such a good vibe.

Which couple do you think are the strongest and will go all the way to the end?

Ty and Ella. I know people say they argue but they cannot keep away from each other. They’re absolutely obsessed with each other. You can see it in the way they look at each other. Pure love in their eyes!

Have you enjoyed the experience? Have you learnt anything about yourself this time around? 

I definitely enjoyed the experience. I’ve learnt that I’m a very strong person but I am very emotional and there is nothing wrong with that. I’ve been quite reserved in the last three or four years . stayed within my circle of friends . But I’ve realised I’m still similar to the 20 year-old Kady in Series 2!


Ouzy See

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How does it feel to be leaving Love Island?

It’s a bit bittersweet as it’s not nice to be dumped but I was prepared to go. I’m excited to see my family and I’m happy about the fact that I left with someone I have a connection with.

How did you feel about Ella taking you back to the main Villa? How did you feel about Ella rekindling things with Tyrique? Were surprised? 

I was excited and happy. As soon as I got in the Villa, I knew it was over before it even started just because of the reactions and what Ty said around the fire pit. I wasn’t surprised and I was happy for her because she has to do what is best for her. You could see how much they really liked each other.

You’ve grown closer to Kady recently. How do you feel about her now?

It surprised me a bit. I didn’t think she would like me as much as she does. The last two weeks in the Villa have been amazing and I couldn’t have asked for more. She’s ticking so many boxes and every day we’re getting closer and closer.

Do you have dates planned on the outside with Kady? What’s next for you guys? 

She said that she wants to come to Edinburgh so I’ll show her a bit of Edinburgh – that is definitely on the cards.

Do you wish you had gotten to know any of the other girls while in the Villa or were your sights set on Kady?

Kady was really the one that I felt like there could be a connection on a deeper level so I’m glad it worked out the way it did.

What is your favourite Love Island memory?

It was probably the moment I walked into the main Villa because the reaction was so big, even though it wasn’t the ideal reaction for me, it was fun!

Which couple do you think are the strongest and will go all the way to the end?

Ella and Ty. They always found their way back to each other and they had the strongest connection from early on.

Have you enjoyed the experience? Have you learnt anything about yourself?

I’ve loved the experience and I don’t regret anything. I feel like being in the Villa has helped me communicate a lot better than I would’ve on the outside.

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