Here’s What Love Island’s Brad Had To Say About Aaron And Lucinda

"She didn't swerve me, did she?" 

Last week we saw the emotional dumping of Love Island OG Brad.

After being voted the ‘least compatible’ with Lucina by the public, with them then being faced with the decision to choose one of them to go. Brad insisted that he leave to give Lucinda more time on the show as she had just arrived, and so, Lucinda stayed and Brad went packing.

Since then, Brad has said that he will wait for Lucinda on the outside as he felt that the two had a real connection, however he also said that he’s happy for her to get to know other people in the villa. Doing exactly that, last night’s episode saw a bit of a love triangle emerge, with Lucinda in the middle.

While new boy Danny chose Lucinda to couple up with, Aaron still had his eye on Lucinda, as the two had been getting along in recent days. Showing the two flirting and Aaron going in for a kiss, which Lucinda dodged, Brad has shared his thoughts on the whole situation.

Chatting on Love Island: Aftersun Brad said that he’s not too fussed about Lucinda not choosing to leave the villa with him.

“I didn’t really think too much into it,” Brad began.

“The next day, I wish I had said a bit more but you just didn’t get the time”

Going on to say that Lucinda has always been top of everyone’s attractions in the villa he added:

“Me, Aaron and Hugo were all into Lucinda. To be fair, who isn’t?”

“We all had a three horse race and I came out on top and she didn’t swerve me, did she?”

Big yikes.

We’ll take it Brad isn’t a major fan of  ‘Lucron’ then.


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