Here’s What Mitch And Ella B Had To Say About Leaving The Villa

They almost made it to the final!

Last night’s Love Island was the penultimate episode, meaning the couple to be dumped wouldn’t be going through to tonight’s final. That couple were Ella B and Mitch – voted first by their fellow Islanders, and then by the public.

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The pair had a bumpy ride in the villa, even being called out for messiness by Maya Jama when she arrived last night. Ouch.

However, they’re holding their heads high and committed to seeing where things will go – for now!

Here’s what Mitch and Ella B had to say on their way home.

Mitchel Taylor

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How does it feel to be leaving Love Island?

It feels good. I feel like I was on borrowed time, but I loved every minute of it and I’m ready to get back to the real world.

You were initially coupled up with Molly? Did you ever see a romantic connection between you? 

I think the first three or four days were very strong and then Molly wanted to get to know Zach so I took a step back and tried to leave it as that. It’s difficult to do that though when you’re sharing the same room as the people though.

Ella B entered the Villa and you both soon coupled up. Did you think your head could turn? What was it about Ella B that made you cool things off with Abi?

I think from the first date we had, I thought there was a connection and it wasn’t until I got back and the way that Abi acted pushed me away. That opened the door for me and Ella B. When we had more conversations together I realised we had a connection.

We saw recently you doubt your connection with Ella B and her intentions. What made you feel that way?

Things were going really well and I thought there should be a bump in the road from past experiences with exes. I questioned it, and normally I would have talked to my friends at home, but when you talk to the people in the Villa it gets round very fast and of course turned into a big argument.

How do you feel about Ella B now? Do you think you’ll continue your relationship with her on the outside? What’s next for you both? 

Obviously I think we get on really well. The real test is on the outside which is what I am looking forward to.

Do you have any regrets?

My speech that I did to Molly during the recoupling – I quoted something about wanting her to be happy but with no one else but me – I regret that as I was half in half out already but I took a big leap. We didn’t have a closed book and I just jumped in with two feet and risked it. I should have just coupled up with someone else and left it.

Who were you closest with during your time in the Villa?

I was definitely closest to Zach. He has been there for me. We have been best mates since the week after I split with Molly. We sorted everything out, realised we are in the Love Island Villa and that’s what happens.

What is your favourite Love Island memory?

Meet the Parents. Nothing compares to that. Being able to be on the show and see my family there, I hadn’t seen them for about two months. It was the best experience ever. My mum is a very straight arrow and will tell me if I’ve done something wrong. She said with Abi I did it completely right, other than the two days with my head being scrambled. She thought I handled her and Scott really well.

Which couple do you think are the strongest and will go all the way to the end?

Sammy and Jess. I definitely think it has the potential to last. I’m a people watcher, and whenever I see them I think they are perfect.

Have you enjoyed the experience? Have you learnt anything about yourself?

I loved every minute of it. You can have tough days sometimes. They take care of you well. I’ve learned I’m actually a bit more patient than I thought. And I’ve learned that there is more to life than living in Sheffield – I want to explore now.

Would you go back in given the chance?

If I did, It would have to be within the next year or two, I’m 27 now.


Ella Barnes 

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How does it feel to be leaving Love Island?

It’s a bittersweet moment for me. My time was pretty short but I feel like I definitely made the most of it. I went on my first date with Mitch and I’m leaving with him so I’m really happy.

Prior to entering the Villa you and Tyrique knew one another. Were you keen to explore a romantic connection with him? DId you think you could turn his head?

I know Tyrique as we had a bit of history but before entering the Villa I knew he was pretty closed off with Ella. I saw how he reacted when she brought Ouzy back. I was going into the Villa open-minded – I wanted to see where his head was at but I wasn’t putting all my eggs in one basket with him. I didn’t know how he was going to react to be honest and that’s why I took Mitch on a date. I really fancied Mitch and I knew we’d get on.

You and Mitch grew close quickly. Did you have an instant connection? 

From the moment we had that first date, we were bouncing off each other and I knew we had an instant connection. When I came back into the Villa and we had two or three more in-depth chats, I knew from the get go it was him.

What was it about Mitch that drew you to him?

He’s got such high energy and honestly makes me belly laugh. I’m quite laid back and he’s like the class clown – he brings out the funny side in me. He talks about his family a lot and family is a massive thing for me. Obviously he goes to gym and has got a good body – he’s really motivated so we definitely align.

During The Grafties you saw Mitch’s conversation with Abi. How did that make you feel? Did it make you doubt the relationship?

I knew what he had said before The Grafties so it wasn’t a shock as Mitch and Abi had already told me. But seeing him on screen saying that, I was really upset and hurt by it but at the same time I understood because he’d known me less than 48 hours when he said that. I didn’t doubt our connection because of it – I knew our connection was really strong.

How do you feel about Mitch now? Do you think you’ll continue your relationship with him on the outside? What’s next for you both? 

I feel like especially after our final date and becoming exclusive, we’ve become really strong. Mitch wants to move to London which is ideal for me so he’s going to be close to me. In terms of the outside world, I don’t think there’s going to be anything that we can’t conquer.

Who were you closest with during your time in the Villa?

Jess – she was literally my rock and best friend in the Villa. We had the same interests and she just felt like one of my girls from home. I did get really close to Whitney as well – we’d do little dances and she’d cheer me up, she was really fun.

What is your favourite Love Island memory?

When my Mum came in for sure. Getting my Mum’s approval on Mitch. On the outside world when you’re seeing a guy, you’d tell your mum. Your mum’s approval is the biggest thing and my mum coming in and saying she really liked him made my journey a lot easier. And our final date was incredible – it was the best date of my life!

Which couple do you think are the strongest and will go all the way to the end?

Jess and Sammy. I feel like they’ve had every test in that Villa. Seeing them in the Villa and out of all the couples, they are the same person. I’m definitely rooting for them and I think they’ve got the strongest connection.

Have you enjoyed the experience? Have you learnt anything about yourself?

I’ve absolutely loved my experience. It’s definitely made me stronger as a person. I feel like when you’re in there you’re communicating, you don’t have your phone or your family and friends so you really have to think about how you approach certain situations. I’ve definitely grown and matured for sure.

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