Here’s What Team STELLAR Have Been Loving This Week

Happy weekend!

Happy Friday – you did it, you made it through another week.

So did Team STELLAR, with the helps of some nice food, drinks, and other bits to entertain us along the way.

This is them.

Jade is loving… A solid gin pairing

And some amazing food to go with it.

The Conrad Dublin’s Coburg restaurant this week had their second Supper Club, a recurring celebration of local ingredients and award-winning Irish brands.

Each dish from this week’s event was paired with Drumshambo Gunpowder Irish Gin, including an exquisite risotto and some delectable gnocchi (the carnivores were treated to some duck, and despite my aversion to meat, it looked damn good).

You can find out more about the hotel’s Supper Club here, and keep an eye for their next big event.

Lorna is loving… Nail trends

Who doesn’t love getting their nails done? It’s relaxing, it’s fun and you’re left with a new cute accessory for a number of weeks after – jackpot!

Tropical Popical has been talked about for decades – it was Saoirse Ronan’s story about sitting in the nail salon when she found out about her Oscar nomination that introduced me to the place – but until yesterday I had never actually set foot in there.

Google invited me along for a gel manicure to celebrate twenty years of nail trends from galaxy nails, to floral nails and even Hailey Bieber’s Glazed Donut nails.

I chose the 2014 intricate floral nails as I’ve never actually had nail art before so wanted something a little different, plus with the Hayu InstaStar Awards fast approaching (see you all next week!), it was the perfect opportunity to get them done.

Jade is loving… Cocktail gardens

@stellarmagazine Come with us to #Saba Baggot Street’s new #Belvedere #cocktail garden ✨ Gorg food and tasty drinks in the summer sun – weather permitting ☔️ #fyp #foodtok ♬ Put Your Records On – Sad Vibes Night

The summer may be over, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t still grasp onto whatever potential sun is left – and treat ourselves to some tasty cocktails while we’re at all.

Saba Baggot Street’s Belvedere cocktail garden is currently serving up delicious cocktails and gorgeous food for those still willing to brave the outdoors… and I have on good authority (me) that it’s a solid day out.

Get the Pad Thai. It’s delish.

Lorna is loving… A morning stretch

Don’t judge alright, it’s basically yoga just without the downward dog! I’ve had serious problems with my back for the past five plus years to the point where I can’t sit or stand longer than 30 minutes without seizing up.

So after a quick trip to the physiotherapist a couple of weeks ago (100% recommend going), I started out with a set of thera bands swinging my legs and stretching my spine.

It was very therapeutic and actually helped. a lot. Having danced for nearly 20 years and stopping as abruptly as I did my muscles just didn’t know what to do with the lack of stretching, so I’m happy to be working with them and having that morning stretch which wakes me right up.

Stretching for the win!

Jade is loving… Future trips away

via Craig Adderley / Pexels

Know me and you will know that I had exhausted all of my annual leave for this year by June. It’s a grim state to be in, but I top loaded my year with trips and that’s all on me.

That doesn’t mean though that I can’t get pumped for any holidays I may take in the near future (January 1 I’m looking at you) – especially those in Ireland.

After all, staycations aren’t just for Covid… they’re for life.

Well known hotel chain Jury’s Inn have recently rebranded as Leonardo Hotels, and to celebrate they invited Team STELLAR for a stay in one of their UK and Irish hotels. We’ll be taking you up on that offer, lads!