Here’s Why Ashley Graham Didn’t Photoshop Her Stretch Marks In A New Swimsuit Campaign

It's about time we normalised normal bodies


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Can we get a round of applause for Ashley Graham, who is out here doing the most to show the world what women’s bodies really look like, behind the photoshop and airbrushing.

Just over six months ago Ashley gave birth to her first child with her husband Justin Ervin. Now, Ashley is back in the modeling game, and she is looking fiiiire. Sharing a series of pictures from a recent swimwear campaign, in which she makes no attempted to cover or conceal her pregnancy stretch marks. Captioning the pictures on Instagram she said:

“Some things I love: a cute bathing suit and a backyard shoot with the family!”

“We’ve had such great time making the most of this summer in Nebraska and these suits have me feeling great for my first summer as a mommy!”


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Speaking about her reasoning behind showing her stretch-marks, as is so often edited out in campaign imagery in the beauty and fashion industry.

Speaking with People Ashley said:

‘There’s always a question of what do you want us to retouch, and what do you want us to take out? And I said, “Nothing”,’ except from a clamp holding up the DIY backdrop,'”

“A lot of women I speak to have image issues, body issues around confidence,” Ashley continued.

“I want them to understand that we all have things that society has told us to cover up, and why do we need to do that? So here I am with mine out and about and proud.”

Since sharing her pictures just yesterday, the post has gained over 6,000 comments, with so many friends and fans thanking her for normalising normal bodies.

“Thank you for normalising stretch marks” said one follower.

While another wrote: “Gorgeous. I’ve felt really insecure about the stretch marks on my stomach recently. Thank you for showing us that all bodies are beautiful.”

What do we love to see? This. We absolutely love to see this.