Here’s Why Everyone’s Talking About Love Is Blind, Netflix’s Dating Show On Steroids


Now that Love Island is over, you’re probably wondering what’s going to fill the nightly telly void. Luckily, Netflix have got you covered.

The streaming service’s new dating show Love Is Blind has completely taken over the conversation on Twitter, and you’re going to want to get in on it this week.

Like Married At First Sight taken to extremes, the series follows thirty men and women who ‘speed date’ while sitting in different pods where they can talk to each other, but never see each other.

They have ten days to form a connection with someone, but the men can propose at any time – if the woman accepts, they get to meet in person and then marry at the end of the 38-day experiment.

The show is truly, truly bonkers, with couples declaring their love for each other after what seems like ten minutes, some extremely watchable villains (Jessica and Barnett, what’s good) and a seemingly infinite amount of wine.

It was filmed in October of 2018, so a lot of sh*t could have gone down between then and now, and we’re dying to know if any of the couples actually married and stayed together.

The episodes are dropped in batches, with the third and final batch (featuring the weddings!) coming this Thursday, February 27 – so you still have time to get in a few episodes before all of social media is consumed by the results of this crazy experiment. Get watching.


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