Here’s Why Fans Are Freaking Out Over This Sighting Of Harry Styles And Olivia Wilde

"Are they talking?"

We all know that Don’t Worry Darling has gotten A LOT of press, more so for the alleged behind the scenes drama than the movie itself, and now fans are freaking out about the latest sighting of Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde.

Since the press tour began, Harry and Olivia (who are reportedly dating) have been keeping their distance in public, they sat apart at the premiere, they didn’t stand beside each other on the carpet and they didn’t get a solo picture on the red carpet either. All of this distance has led to fans wondering whether the pair have called time on their relationship.

BUT, a video has now emerged of Harry and Olivia allegedly leaving the New York Don’t Worry Darling Premiere together and talking in an elevator. Big news.

In the video that has emerged on Twitter, you can hear the fans exclaiming, “Are they talking?!” And it seems like it’s a yes!

What do you think?

Harry and Olivia broke the internet in 2021 when they were spotted hand in hand attending a wedding and have seemingly been going strong ever since. Olivia has been seen supporting Harry at his HSLOT concerts dancing backstage and singing along.

Does this interaction mean that all is well between the pair?

We will be watching this space!

If you need a full recap of the DWD drama read all about it here.


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