Here’s Why Kim Kardashian Deleted ALL Of Her Family’s 25 Days Of Christmas Cards From Instagram

Fans were left very confused!

So the Kardashian’s annual Christmas card, or in this case cardssss caused quite a stir this year.

From Khloe’s lack of showing bump, to Kanye’s very present smile, there was no shortage of talking points. And let’s not even BEGIN to discuss Kylie’s absence…

But nevertheless, we were glued to Kim and Kris’s insta throughout December to see what family members would be featuring in today’s card, it was a great month!

So we were more than confused when all of a sudden Kimmy has made it seem as if December never happened! If you are to check KKW’s instagram feed, there is no trace of Kardashian/Jenner Christmas card… weird huh?

Fans on twitter were just as confused as we are, which is why Kim cleared up the reason as to the deleted pics.

So it looks as if Kim is just trying to keep her instagram feed ‘vibe’…

Fear not super fans, most of the pics are still available on momma Kris’ page.


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