Here’s Why Love Island’s Sophie Isn’t Just Casually Mentioning That Her Sister Is Rochelle Humes

They're the absolute image of each other.

Each year, there’s always one or two Love Islander’s who have a claim to fame. This year, Paige announced in her VT that her ex-boyfriend is none other than Lewis Capaldi and Eve Gale spoke about Tyga seemingly sliding into her DMs. But one thing that we haven’t heard about since the opening VTs is that Sophie is Rochelle Humes sister.

Yep, that Rochelle Humes. Of The Saturdays and This Morning. Sophie mentioned it before meeting her fellow islanders, but hasn’t spoke of it since. And we can’t help but wonder why? Surely a name drop would be almost necessary in a place like the Love Island villa? But it seems that Metro have gotten to the bottom of why Sophie isn’t name dropping all around her.


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According to an associate lawyer who spoke to Metro, it’s all down to legal reasons surrounding an NDA. “Despite the reportedly close relationship between Sophie and Rochelle, we cannot rule out the possibility that Sophie was asked to sign an NDA or otherwise agreed to be bound by obligations of confidentiality.”

“The value of Rochelle’s brand as a presenter is partly characterised by her ‘clean’ image. We would, therefore, expect that she would want to protect this and a well-structured NDA, with a clear definition of what constitutes ‘confidential information’ is a useful tool for achieving this purpose.”

So there you have it. Basically, even though they’re sisters, Rochelle doesn’t want to take the chance that Sophie could possibly, even accidentally, say anything that may ruin her reputation.


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