Here’s Why People Think GiGi Hadid Was Throwing Shade At Her Ex By Wearing This Jumper





Yes, yes they do.

Why be a world famous super model if you can’t use your powers for evil every once in a while, eh? And that’s exactly what Gigi Hadid seems to have done with her shady choice of clothing.

The stunning model is just out of what was a literal whirlwind of a micro relationship with fellow model Tyler Cameron – which was so quick we’re not sure if it even really happened.

The pair were spotted getting cosy a few times, and were even seen going apartment hunting in New York just weeks after they supposedly got together.

But everything seemed to come to a very quick halt, when Tyler started referring to Gigi as his ‘friend’ – and is now apparantly back dating his ex, Hannah Brown.

All caught up? Cool.

So the very fragile time directly after a break up (especially when you’re in the public eye) is usually used for laying low – and maybe releasing a statement about how you’re still the best of friends and wish nothing but love and rainbows for each other…puke.

But nope, Gigi is looking like she’s done with the BS, and making a statement on her jumper rather than her Instagram account.

The model was spotted in New York this weekend wearing a top with the slogan ‘Boys Lie, Goodbye’ and was also sporting a pretty straight looking expression – and we really and truly have to stan.

Even if its not a statement, we’re still feeling her very glassy expression while getting pappesd, and more than likely grilled about her recent break up.

Keep being you, Gigi!



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