Here’s Why Selling Sunset’s Chrishell Blocked Christine On Instagram

Oh the DRAMA



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When watching any kind of reality TV show, it can be a little hard to decipher between the on-screen drama shown and the ‘drama’ that goes on in real life. As we know, a lot of scenes and situations can be dressed up for the cameras for entertainment purposes.

However, when it comes to Netflix phenomenon Selling Sunset, it seems that the drama between stars Chrishell Stause and Cristine Quinn is very, very much real.


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Speaking on BBC podcast ‘The Reality Tea’ Chrishell admitted that she has Christine blocked on social media, with some eagle-eyed fans noticing it for themselves:

“A lot of people always notice on Instagram, like lately, I won’t I haven’t tagged her on something and that’s because I’m just going to be very honest with you guys,” she said.

“I have her blocked. And it’s one of those things where I think that does come across very childish and ridiculous. But I have the screenshots. She knows why she’s blocked. I’m sure she hopes that I never show you guys why she’s blocked, because it would be embarrassing to her.”

Not going into great detail about why she got the aul block, Chrishell says that Christine’s behaviour was just a little out of line, saying that she is “childish and ridiculous”  and her behaviour towards her and the rest of the group brought nothing but “toxic insults and toxic energy”.

Wow, okay.


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While Chrishell did give Christine a slating in the interview, she also went on to say that she wouldn’t entirely rule out a reconciliation between the two, it just may take some time.

“I just felt like if we have a couple more like real life interactions that seem true that aren’t in front of cameras, then then maybe we can get there.” she said.

Who know’s what the next season has in store for us?



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