Here’s Why Selling Sunset’s Chrishell Didn’t React To Christine’s Pregnancy Announcement

We already can't wait to see how things unfold in the next season.

Ready for some Selling Sunset tea? Of course, you are.

As we all know, Christine Quinn recently shared that she was expecting her first child with her husband Christian Richard. But since then, Christine has commented on how her Selling Sunset colleagues reacted to her news, including how Chrishell didn’t like her announcement on Instagram.

At the time, Heather spoke to Us Weekly about Christine’s announcement, saying, “I’m thinking motherhood might soften her a little bit. From other girls I know in the past, it has softened them. So I’m sure it’ll maybe [happen for her.] I’m hoping it will.”

Christine then shared on ITV’s This Morning how she felt about the comments. “That’s one of those comments that really hurt my feelings.


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“I was really shocked to hear that through the press. You know, it is what it is. And I hate when people shelter themselves behind the press. Say those things to my face, but they never will. So I was just really hurt and shocked and surprised.”

Now, Chrishell is explaining her lack of reaction to Christine’s news. Explaining that she still has Christine blocked on social media because of their previous disagreements, Chrishell shared: “Listen, I wish her well.


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“It came up on my feed [on a news outlet’s account], I liked it. I’m happy for her. I truly want the best for her, but I’m not going to do this performative act to unblock someone and then like a post.”

Before adding, “We had things that happened behind the scenes that were worse than what happened on camera, so it’s just better for everybody. Let’s keep it professional.

“It is what it is; I’m not going to do a fake performative thing and make a show of something. But like I said, no ill will — I truly am happy for her, and I wish her nothing but the best.”

Let’s just wait and see if we see some of this drama play out in the next season of Selling Sunset.


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