Here’s Why You Might See Less Of Molly-Mae Hague On Social Media

The Love Island star said she's going through 'the hardest time of her entire life.'


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Influencer Molly-Mae Hague has admitted that she’s going to be taking a step back from social media and even deleting one platform for good, after candidly admitting that it’s starting to really affect her health.

Admitting that she finds Twitter the most “toxic” place ever, Molly-Mae said she’s already felt her mood is more positive since she made the decision to stay off it.

“I’ve actually deleted Twitter – well I’ve deleted the app – and I’ve never, ever felt better for it.”


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Having often trended on Twitter since she appeared on Love Island in 2019, Molly-Mae is well aware of how vicious the online world can be, with the star coming under attack for everything from her looks to the loss of her dog and even for her opinion on food while on holidays.

Now, deciding to reassess how much time she gives social media, Molly-Mae is testing the waters by limiting her social media for the meantime.

This follows Molly-Mae and boyfriend Tommy Fury’s recent life upheaval, moving house following a robbery at their Dublin home.

The pair were left with “practically nothing” when thieves took £800,000 worth of goods from their home including clothing and jewellery.


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Now, in a new home which Molly-Mae admitted will be less obvious on her vlogs going forward, the 22-year-old said she’s more aware of how scary the world can be and how important it is for her to make sure she’s protecting herself.

“I think maybe in a few days I might just delete my whole [Twitter] account which is so sad because I do love it. But it just doesn’t do anything for me.

“It doesn’t do anything for Tommy. It’s just not a good platform, especially at the moment. Right now, I’ve been going through the hardest period of my entire life.”

Admitting in her video about the burglary that she’s been dealing with anxiety, Molly-Mae continued that she’s still on a journey to feeling better in her latest video following the break in.

“It was just awful, horrendous, terrible. So we have been dealing with a lot.”