Here’s Your Well Overdue Wagatha Christie Update

Rebekah is demanding a public apology from Coleen

It was one of the best things to come out of 2019, no scratch that, it was one of the best things to come out of the decade.

Just like we remember where we were when Michael Jackson died, or 9/11 took place, we all remember where we were when we first heard about the Wagatha Christie scandal.

It’s been a hot minute since the topic was touched on, with both life and the coronavirus burying it in the dust. But, today is the day that we finally uncover the gem, with there finally being some updates on the situation.


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It’s reported that Rebekah and Coleen will attempt to settle their legal dispute this week, Zoom, in a bid to avoid an expensive court case.

It’s believed that the legal fee’s for the case have racked up to five figures. Which isn’t a huge surprise given the circumstances. Rebekah has allegedly ‘threatened to sue for libel’, with Coleen taking her lawsuit and raising her own, being ‘countersue for breach of privacy’.

A source has told The Sun that this action comes as the final stage in the saga, with both women determined to be proven correct.

‘They have both been strongly advised to reach an agreement but they’re both totally determined to stick to their guns.

‘Unless they can agree to walk away, the costs are only going to continue climbing.’ they added.


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However, it seems that financial cost is not the only price Rebekah has paid for the Wagatha drama, with her now wishing for a public apology from Coleen for the way in which she has tarnished her name.

During the online hearing set to take place this week, Rebekah has reportedly told her legal team that a public apology from Coleen is to be included in her settlement.

“Becky has told her team she wants a public apology.” a source also told The Sun. 

“Becky is adamant she’s done nothing wrong and while she wants an end to this ongoing legal battle, she also wants to be vindicated.”

The footballer’s wives were close friends prior to the drama, when Coleen accused Rebekah of selling stories to the press about her personal life.

They since have gone on to have their fall our aired across national news and television, with both Rebekah and Coleen sticking to their sides of the story.


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