Hillary Clinton Wore Purple During Her Concession Speech Yesterday For A Very Powerful Reason

It was a day charged with emotion.

Hillary Clinton Concession Speech

It’s been one of the most divisive and hard-fought election battles in recent history, and there’s no doubt that when Hillary Clinton lost out on the presidency to Republican candidate Donald Trump yesterday, emotions were high.

Proving what a worthy leader she would have been, Hillary Clinton took to the stage in Manhattan’s New Yorker Hotel and delivered her concession speech with poise, grace, passion and humility.

But it wasn’t just Hillary’s well-chosen words that made an impactful statement, it was also her choice of outfit.

People on Twitter were quick to notice Hillary’s purple lapels and Bill’s matching purple tie, noting that the colour is a mix of blue and red, the democratic and republican colours, hence delivering a message of unity.

We’re still with her. Love trumps hate.


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