“His Stomach And Legs Were Drenched In It” And Other Horrifying Period Stories That’ll Make You Cringe

From lost tampons to gruesome sexcapades. Three readers share their most horrifying period stories.


Ciara, 21

About three months ago, I was at my college ball with my boyfriend when I unexpectantly got my period. I put in a tampon, forgot about it, and had a great night… until I got home and realised, to my horror, that I couldn’t find the tampon inside me. It had just vanished.

I went the doctor the next day to get it checked out, but the tampon was nowhere to be found.

Admittedly, I’d had quite a bit of drink that night, but to this day I still don’t know what happened to that tampon. I dread to think.

Claire, 29

I met an old guy friend in a nightclub a few months back. Long story short, we hooked up and headed back to his place for some fun.

We were fooling around, when suddenly he looked at me bewildered…and then I saw it, blood everywhere, all over the sheets and all over him. His stomach and legs were drenched in it!

He jumped up and ran straight to the bathroom to get sick.

As he puked his ring up, I made my get away, leaving behind my tights and underwear. I hailed a taxi and never turned back. Needless to say we haven’t seen each other since.

Mary, 22

I was sitting in work one day when I noticed this terrible smell. I mean it was horrific. I was just about to ask everyone what the hell the horrible stench was when I suddenly realised that I’d left a tampon in– for three days! I was mortified.

I dashed to the bathroom and took it out straightaway, but it was so vile I almost vomited. I can only describe it as smelling kinda like a dead mouse. I’ll be more careful about taking them out in the future.