Hold Up! Was Last Night’s Best Picture Blunder At The Oscars A Set Up?

Conspiracy theories are rife.

It was an awkward moment of epic proportions when the wrong film was announced as the winner of Best Picture at the Oscars last night.

The cast of La La Land had already made their way up onto the stage and had begun their acceptance speeches for the award, when they were interrupted by the revelation that there had been an error and Moonlight had in fact claimed the gong.

Lets relive the morto moment:

On the face of it it just looks like a massive fuck up, but Twitter has other ideas, and many viewers are claiming the error was all just one big set up for publicity.


It’s worth noting that Oscars viewing figures hit an eight-year low last year and a mix-up like last night’s would do much to bring the awards ceremony back into the limelight.

That said, a close up photo reveals that Warren Beatty was holding the Best Actress envelope for which Emma Stone had just won the award for her role in La La Land.

That either completely puts paid to the conspiracy theory or proves that the organisers behind the Oscars were just very clever about setting things up.

What do you reckon?


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