Holly Willoughby Has Spoken Out About Her Experience With ‘Upskirting’

"I was trying to hide my modesty, and protect myself."

Holly Willoughby has discussed her experience with ‘upskirting’ at the Brit Awards on This Morning.

Holly and her co-host Phillip Schofield spoke to activist Gina Martin on Thursday’s show, who wants ‘upskirting’ – taking pictures underneath a woman’s skirt without her consent – to be made into a specific offence.

The presenter recently posted a picture of herself and various female celebrities at the Brit Awards last month, saying that “times apparently up on #timesup”.

Phillip Schofield commented on the issue, saying:

Working with Holly and other women in this industry, you notice that at events with the Time’s Up campaign…you have women walking down the red carpet with white roses, saying, ‘Okay time’s up’.

Then at the end of the night you’ve got paps taking those. That’s a mild image compared to some of the ones you see.

He continued to say that the paparazzi “go really down on the floor”.

Holly added:

Oh yeah, they go really low, and then it’s ‘grapples with her assets’, and it’s like, well that’s not what was happening. I was trying to hide my modesty, and protect myself.

She then commended Gina for her efforts to make upskirting an offence, saying: “Well done you for being brave enough and making a stand. I’m right behind you, I hope that it makes a change, finally”.


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