Holly Willoughby Is Being Criticised *Again* For Being “Too Skinny” Following Her Latest Instagram Pic

Fans have been calling her out.

Holly Willoughby posted a photo on Instagram yesterday showing off her new slim figure wearing a pair of frayed denim shorts and a white bardot top.

The 36-year-old captioned the snap, “Today is a short shorts kinda day!” And she seems to be positively glowing with happiness as she smiles towards the camera.

But the This Morning presenter has once again come under fire from fans who are questioning why she’s lost so much weight.

Today is a short shorts kinda day! ☀️ #HWStyle?✨ #offduty shorts by @blondonboutique x

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Many have been begging her not to lose any more weight because she’s perfect as she is, with some even questioning if she’s been ill.

One woman said that Holly was more relatable when she had curves, writing, “I’m a bit gutted that she lost weight, she looks amazing but she did before and I always thought it was a good thing that a bit of curve was being celebrated, she seemed more normal and the goal seemed more reachable!

“I’m not body shaming her,” the woman continued, “She looks amazing, I’m just disappointed she felt she had to do this.”

This isn’t the first time the mum-of-three has been judged for being too thin. Earlier this month, she shared photos of her dress from the Glamour Awards, and her followers had the same reaction. They questioned where she had “disappeared to” and criticised her for “losing more than half of her weight”.

Comments aside, Holly appears happier than she’s ever been. One fan has even tried to reassure the presenter, saying, “Looking amazing, ignore the comments about your weight. You are a woman, no doubt you’ll go up and down, as long as you are healthy and happy that all that matters”.

Too right.

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