Home Rescue Is Back And They’re Looking For Applicants!

Does your home need a hand?

Our homes should be the place we love the most, but it’s easy to slip from the bandwagon and not be able to give your home the TLC it deserves.

Thankfully, Home Rescue is here to help some lucky homeowners with a magical makeover!

If you’ve fallen out of love with your home or are simply struggling to find a place to store all your knick-knacks, the TV show is here to help.

“Let’s face it – as a nation, we’re slow to let go. Old furniture and random knick-knacks, unused clothes and unfinished projects – eating up space and burying precious memories under a blanket of clutter. One day, a Spring clean will come, but somehow, it never does. Until now,” the call-out reads.

They’re looking for people who need a serious shake up to their homes. If you feel like you fit the bill, all you have to do is apply. What are you waiting for?

The Home Rescue crew is made up of designer Dee, builder Peter and their team of fitters, painters, chippies, clutterbusters and house-clearers.

They breathe new life into homes around the country in just five days!

“Each week, we take an existing cluttered home – this could belong to a family, an individual or a group of friends – and we tackle their clutter head-on and offer them real resolutions with an entire makeover of two of the worst rooms in their house,” they explain.

You can apply for Home Rescue here.