Hooray! Ricky Gervais Confirms After Life Is Coming Back To Netflix For Third Season

The story isn't over yet!

Although Ricky Gervais is known as a man for doing everything in twos, from The Office to Derek, he’s not one to venture past a second season but for the first time ever, Ricky is making that leap and confirmed the news on Twitter.

Explaining that it’s down to fans loving the series plus a push from Netflix, Ricky made a lot of fans happy last night when he took to the social media platform to share the update on season three.

True to his character, Tony, Ricky also blamed everyone for liking it and making him get off his “fat arse” to film another series. He concluded by saying: “This is all your fault.”

This will be the final season of After Life for fans and so, all loose ends from season two will be tied up. Will Tony and Emma finally get together? What’s destined to happen him career wise and lastly, *spoiler alert if you haven’t watched S2* will Tony get over the loss of his wife and Dad, and stop pushing those closest to him away?

All is said to be revealed soon.

Now, we unfortunately don’t have a trailer for season three yet but Netflix did drop this montage of bits from season two to have you crying into your coffee.


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