How To Make Pesto Eggs, The Latest Food Trend Thanks To TikTok

Once again, we've been totally and utterly #influenced.

If there’s one thing we love, and one thing you sure love too on our Instagram, it’s a viral food trend.

From magic shell brekkie bowls to cauliflower wings and cheese with bread plates, we’re hooked on food TikTok and the latest trend is one we know you’re going to equally adore.

Perfect for breakfast, brunch or even, a little midnight snack, pesto eggs are doing the rounds on the video app and making them is literally simple.

All you do is swap out your oil for pesto when cooking your eggs in the pan, whatever way you prefer; fried, scramble, or an omelette.

The olive oil found in pesto alongside the cheese and garlic acts as your base for deliciously cooking the eggs.

So, how do you make them exactly?

For fried eggs: spread a good dollop of pesto on your pan, before cracking in your two eggs on top of the pesto, all on a medium heat.

Then, while the eggs are cooking, season with some chilli flakes, salt and pepper, leaving to cook for another few minutes while you prep your bread.

Getting a nice, thick slice of rustic sourdough, spread some light cheese or ricotta on the slice, before adding mashed avocado and lastly, dish out your pesto egg and place it on top of the slice.

Finish with a drizzle of honey and another sprinkle of salt and voila.


You can watch the video in question below, and make sure you snap us your gorge masterpieces, we love seeing them on our Instagram channel here and Twitter here.

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