“I Call Bullsh*t”: This Irish Influencer Called Out Her Doctor For Saying She’s Overweight

"I'm kinda disgusted..."

Maeve Madden is an Irish model, influencer and personal trainer, and she’s just called out her doctor for saying she’s overweight.

Taking to Instagram, Maeve posted a current photo in which she’s classified as ‘overweight’, alongside a throwback snap in which she’s apparently ‘normal’ on the BMI scale.

Maeve has slammed the doctor’s comments, saying that she’s much healthier now than before, and that the BMI scale doesn’t factor in muscle density.

“I call BS ?  on BMI,” she began, “Today I was at the doctors regarding my PCOS and hormonal Acne breakout. They took my weight and my BMI came in at 26 which is considered ‘Over weight’ ?? .

“I did ask for a second weigh-in, if I could remove my jacket, shoes, etc., and I let her know my hair is very thick and that could be an extra 1/2kg, but no, it was recorded in my medical that I was 26 on the BMI Scale!

“The last time I had this checked, you can see on the right image, I was so skinny. I did so much cardio and ate very little… but my BMI then was normal ??  Now that I’m super fit and healthy my BMI is over weight.

“I’m kinda disgusted because I had come so far, I feel so strong and full of energy and I am happy the way I am now compared to then! ??  So why do I Call BS? ?. BMI is an inaccurate measure of body fat content and does not take into account muscle mass, bone density, overall body composition etc.

“It is flawed and not in the ‘flawsome’ way, I love! ?  Muscle weighs more than fat, a lot more due to density! Therefore BMI will inevitably class muscly athletic people as fatter than they really are! ??

“It’s embarrassing that in our world today with all the technology and medical advances, that we are still standing on old-school scales and taking BMI readings!

“So I laughed it off but I really should have said “I embrace and love my body, I work out, not because I wanna lose weight or be a certain shape but because I love to feel strong and healthy!

“My worth is not measured by a number on a scale! Being happy in my weight and how I look is a positive body image! ?  Shoutout to all the girls who are out there trying and loving themselves in a world that is constantly telling them not to!”

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