‘I Can Only Control What I Say’ Una Healy Reveals Why She Keeps Her Personal Life So Private

She revealed why she doesn't tend to share the personal details of her life.


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Una Healy has shared why she made the decision to keep much of her personal life private.

Speaking with Lisa McHugh on her podcast she shared that the last two years, in particular, have been difficult, since her split from Ben Foden back in 2018. The pair were married for six years and have two children together.

“I think everybody really puts out a lot more of their personal lives now than ever before because of social media,” she shared.

“Everyone shares what they are having for their breakfast, regardless of whether they’re a celebrity or not, and people document their lives all the time. It’s just the new way of life.”

“And I guess if there’s any gossip going at all, regardless of whether you are well-known or not, it flies around the town first and then on Instagram and Twitter.”


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A post shared by Una Healy (@unahealy)

The Saturday’s singer continued; “If you are well-known it just happens on a bigger scale, but it doesn’t make it any different or it doesn’t make the pain any less or more.”

“It’s the same thing, you’re still going through it personally, it’s just a lot more people know about it.”

The Tipperary native also shared that she has got used to this over the years, but the last two have been difficult as she was frequently in the press following her split.

However, she said that her fans really helped her; “People have been really kind, and I have learned to just be quiet and not go mouthing off about it.”

“Its best to keep it as personal as you can. Certain things are just gonna get out there, and if people put their foot in it and say things, its out of my control… So you know, I can only control what I say and I try not to say too much because I don’t want to regret it.”

“And also I’ve got two little children, so I don’t want to have them when they’re older read back on anything that I might have said in haste or whatever. I’ve to be careful,” the 39-year old added.


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