‘I Get Slated’: Scarlett Moffatt Hits Back At Body Shamers Online

She's had enough!

Scarlett Moffatt has taken to social media to fight back against online trolls. The I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here winner was criticised yesterday for her fuller figure, and she’s had enough.

“Tell me the size I should be please! I got slated when I slimmed down to a size 8 and I get slated when I’m a size 12. So please let me know what measurements I should be. And they wonder why young women are reduced to surgery!” she wrote on Twitter.

She added, “When online papers/magazines try their hardest to use unflattering photos and drag women down do they realise what they’re doing to peoples mental health. I understand it’s part of the parcel of being in the public eye but Body-shaming NEEDS TO STOP!”

Her followers and fans have jumped to her defence, telling her not to worry about what people say and that she’s perfect as she is.

One fan replied, “The size you are. Or the size you were. Or the size you will be. Whatever size lets you live your life and be happy in yourself. That’s the perfect size for you.”

Another person said, “Nothing wrong with you, you’re perfect and don’t let anyone tell you any different!” We couldn’t agree more.

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