“I Had Sex With A Stranger”: An Irish Gal Opens Up About Her Best Sex Ever


Rebound Sex

Sex for me has always been kind of vanilla. I’ve only ever slept with guys I’ve been in long term relationships with and it’s always been kind of, well, grand. Don’t get me wrong, I would normally have an orgasm but I’ve never fully been able to, how should I put it, let go.

That all changed last year when I was sent on a trip to London with work. It was a flying visit so I was only there for one night and my company put me up in this super swish hotel for the evening. Relaxing that night in my hotel room I got bored and decided I’d wander down to the hotel bar for a drink or two.

I ordered a cocktail and sat there in a world of my own until suddenly I caught the eye of this guy who was looking at me from across the bar. He was one of those suave business types and a million miles from any of the lads I’ve dated back home, and every time I glanced his way we’d make eye contact and he’d smile at me.

“The closer he got the hotter he looked…”

Each time we locked eyes I got more brazen, holding his gaze for longer and making it perfectly clear I was into him. Eventually, after several minutes of this back and forth, he sent a drink over my way and I accepted. Sipping on my drink, I noticed him start to walk towards me and the closer he got the hotter he looked, until he was standing right next to me.

He slid his spare room key beside my drink, leaned in towards me and whispered his room number before heading for the elevator. It was on. I swigged the last of my drink for dutch courage and followed him.

I’d never done anything like it before and I was trembling with nerves and excitement as I opened the door to his hotel room. He led me into the room without saying a word and the next thing I know, he’s kissing me up against the wall. I’d never felt so uninhibited and I started hastily unbuttoning his shirt and undoing his fly.

“Then I felt his fingers on me…”

He yanked my skirt up around my waist and pulled my knickers to one side. Then I felt his fingers on me, pushing inside me at first and then moving onto my clit, massaging it with just the right amount of pressure. Right as I’m getting close he hoists me up around his waist and thrusts inside me and seconds later I was coming harder than I ever have before.

He moved me to the bed to finish, pulled off the last of my clothes and put his face between my legs, sending waves of ecstasy through my body with each stroke of his tongue. I felt myself close to coming again and eagerly pulled his entire body on top of mine. Four hard thrusts inside of me and I felt his body tense up as he came, tipping me over the edge into an orgasm yet again.

We both collapsed onto the bed and just kind of passed out. I woke a while later and he was asleep so I got dressed and tiptoed out of the room. I checked out of the hotel the next day and I never saw him again. I didn’t even get his name, but that just made it all the hotter. I won’t be forgetting that night for a very long time.

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