‘I was Just Eating Fruit And Vegetables’: Mel C Opens Up About The Severity Of Her Eating Disorder

The former Spice Girl says she restricted her food during the band's heyday.

Melanie Chisholm, more commonly known as Mel C or Sporty Spice, joined the Spice Girls when she was 20 years old. While it brought her huge fame and fortune, it also came with massive pressures.

The now 43-year-old has spoken out about the impact of being ‘the sporty one’ on her health. Speaking to comedian John Bishop on his TV series, In Conversation With, she said, “I started to restrict my food to a point where I was just like – God only knows how I survived.”

The mum-of-one added, “I think for maybe a couple of years, maybe it couldn’t have been that long… but I was just eating fruit and vegetables.

“That was it… and with that workload,” she said, referring to the 85 million records she and her bandmates sold, as well as their numerous global tours and public appearances during the nineties.

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