Icky Or Effective? We Put Period Underwear To The Test

Vicki Notaro tried them out.

woman in pink briefs

Tested: Thinx period underwear, €34 + P&P

When I first heard about period knickers, I was highly cynical. The word nappy immediately sprang to mind; how else is a pair of pants supposed to absorb your flow without a) stinking and b) staining?!

Well friends, the Thinx pants do just that. I bought a pair because, let’s be honest, my sister-in-law bullied me in to it. They were doing a three for two offer, and she wanted to share. She’s a bit of a flower child, earth mother type, already a moon cup fan and looking for an even more natural way to deal with Auntie Flo every month. She’s also a midwife, so vaginas and bodily fluids don’t phase her.

I was too afraid to try mine sans tampon on days one and two of my period; I’m a busy gal and magazine offices, while glam and liberal, are still professional organisations that don’t take too kindly to free-bleeding displays all over the chairs. Plus, I’d have DIED of mortification. Sis-in-law wears hers throughout her entire period and assures me they’re foolproof, but I’m not that brave.

On day three, I decided to go for it. I bought the nice big black ones. The Hip Hugger, and they’re very comfy. They promise to be able to cope with heavy flow, and they did not disappoint. I went about my business and no leakages ensued. It felt a bit weird, but no more so than when you’ve a bit of heavy discharge. No staining, no mortification. They actually worked.

I won’t lie though, there was a bit of a funny smell when I took them down to go to the loo. Something a bit primal mixed with the smell of potatoes in a cupboard. Musty would be the word I’d use. That wasn’t very nice and may deter me from wearing them again. However I am curious to see if they’ll work on heavier flow days, so I may well give them another go…

See shethinx.com

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