If You Were Wondering How Much Jason Oppenheim Is Actually Worth, It’s Eye-Watering

Honestly, I was not prepared for this.


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Obviously, the Selling Sunset crew aren’t short of a few bob. Our eyes have been stained with the flashes of Chanel accessories here there and everywhere, not to mention Christine’s Lamborghini and that even the Oppenheim Group’s cast members are shocked at how many properties Jason buys seemingly off the cuff.

So yeah, you could say that they’re not worried about saving the pennies. It would be fair to assume that Jason’s net worth, in particular, is pretty high up there, considering he shares the company with his brother, Brett. And of course, all of the extravagant houses he likes to snap up.

But how much is he actually worth?

Well, it’s been reported that The Oppenheim Group has sold properties totalling $1 billion, yep – billion. Both Jason and Brett get a cut of that, but it’s not clear exactly how much. Although whatever a cut is of $1 billion, I certainly wouldn’t be turning it down.


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Then, when it comes to Jason’s properties themselves, he has more than $100 million in active listings at any given time according to Celebrity Net Worth. Meaning he’s basically making money every second of the day.

As far as the homes that we do know about, they’re worth up to $19 million in real estate assets. The numbers are just getting eye-watering now.

But his total net worth? According to Celebrity Net Worth, it comes in at just a casual $50 million. Not bad, all considering.

Although, in a recent interview with Swagger Magazine, Jason explained that it hasn’t always been this way. That he made “under $50,000 a year” during his first few years as a real estate agent, and worked his way up.


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“Getting into the real estate industry during the Great Recession was not easy,” he said. “Many agents were dropping out at the same time I was just starting my career. I made a bet, and relied on my passion, determination, and grit to get me where I am today.”

And as for his successes since, Jason attributes that to being personable with his clients. “I know how I got successful, I’m probably the only agent at my level that still only uses a personal cell phone and no office line.

“I answer all my calls personally without an assistant. My clients are loyal because I keep it personal and am very direct with them. I am an agent first, but also a confidant and advisor.”

Well… There you have it, sounds easy enough I guess.