Think YOU’RE Having A Bad Day? Just Know That Emma Watson’s Latest Film Took In €54 At The Box Office


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When it comes to near-perfect humans, Emma Watson is right up there.

She’s given a series of consistently ballsy UN speeches about gender equality, she’s managed to come out the other end of a career as a child star with total poise, she’s modelled for Chanel, Burberry and Lancôme, and she even handled her Tina Turner ringtone going off during a recent live TV interview like a total pro.

But even Emma’s Midas touch doesn’t extend to making bad films into box offices successes, as is evidenced by the ticket sales from her latest film, The Colony.

The thriller, which is Emma’s first official lead role since her Harry Potter days, took in a measly £47 (€54) at the UK box office, after opening in three cinemas last week.

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Despite getting fairly average reviews after its showing at the Toronto film festival – 7.1/10 on IMDB and 65% on Rotten Tomatoes –  it seems ticket sales just didn’t materialise. But all is not lost, as apparently the film’s distribution plan is focused more on home screenings through on-demand services than in actual bums on seats.

Set in 1970s Chile, Emma stars as a married woman hoping to infiltrate the real-life Colonia Dignidad cult to save her husband. Over in the US, the film did a bit better, taking home $15,700 (€14,900) following its opening in 27 cinemas.

Thankfully the actress’s next role – as Belle in the live-action version of Beauty And The Beast – looks set to do a whole lot better than this effort.


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