IKEA Had The Best Response To Kanye West’s Request For A Collaboration

'Yo IKEA, allow Kanye to create.'

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Rapping, fashion design, fatherhood… you name it and Kanye West no doubt considers himself the World’s Greatest at it.

One area where Yeezy’s skills might need some improvement though, is furniture design. Or at least, Swedish furniture design. The rapper revealed to Annie Mac on BBC Radio One earlier this week that his current ambition was to bring his “creative genius” to an IKEA collaboration. However the response his on-air request got from IKEA HQ was less than positive.

“I have to work with IKEA – make furniture for interior design, for architecture,” he said of his hopes to link in with the retail giant.

“Yo IKEA, allow Kanye to create, allow him to make this thing because you know what, I want a bed that he makes, I want a chair that he makes.”

His first design suggestion? “A minimalist apartment inside of a college dorm where the TV goes on the side of the wall.”

IKEA’s answer? An unequivocal no.

“Although we are really flattered by Kanye West’s high interest in IKEA and the speculation around a joint venture, we have no plans to collaborate at this point in time,” a spokesperson told CNBC by email.

That said, someone on the company’s social media team clearly had other ideas, as this imagined YEEZY design did make it onto the official IKEA Australia Facebook page yesterday:

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 15.46.11

While Kanye’s request for a collaboration does seem like it came from way out of left field, it’s worth noting that this is an interest he’s been harbouring for a few months, after first visiting IKEA back in March.

He even tweeted about it:

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 15.46.01

Keep on trying, Yeezy. Your day will come.