‘I’m Just A Poncey Actor’: Jamie Dornan Tells Us The One Career He’d Be Awful At

We caught up with him at the premiere of Netflix's The Siege Of Jadotville tonight.

It’s a packed year of new releases ahead for Northern Ireland’s Jamie Dornan, with the new series of The Fall, the next instalment of Fifty Shades and of course Netflix’s The Siege Of Jadotville all due out in the coming months.

Finding success in the acting world was a lucky break in more ways than one it seems, as the actor says he’d be rubbish in a more physically demanding profession.

Speaking at the premiere of his new film The Siege Of Jadotville this evening at Dublin’s Savoy Cinema, Jamie admitted he probably wouldn’t make a good soldier, despite going through rigorous bootcamp training for his role in the period war drama.

“Chances are, no,” he replied when asked if he’d make a good solider. “I’m just a poncey actor.”

The Netflix feature length film tells the story of Irish army commandant Pat Quinlan (Dornan), who led 160 Irish troops into battle against 3,000 Belgian and French in the Congo in the 1960s.

As well as Jamie, the film features a primarily Irish cast, including The Good Wife‘s Jason O’Mara, Raw’s Sam Keeley and Charlie King, who’ll star alongside Eric Bana and Rooney Mara in The Secret Scripture later this year.

“It was brilliant craic, right from the start. It doesn’t always happen that way and it could have been very different,” he told STELLAR.ie exclusively.

“I’d never met any of them before. There was a real mix of us from all over Ireland, a couple of us from the North, some from the West, the middle and the south, plus a couple of English boys thrown in doing accents as well. A great bunch.”

And it wasn’t just the audience at the Savoy who were seeing the film on a big screen for the first time this evening – it was Jamie’s first proper viewing too.

“I’m excited, I haven’t seen it on a big screen before,” he explained. “I only saw it on a television screen when I was in Canada.”

The Siege Of Jadotville is available on Netflix from Friday October 7th.