‘I’m So Sorry’: Adele’s Instagram Sick Note Has Half The World In Tears Today

She hasn't cancelled a show in years.

From burping on stage to turning down the 2017 Super Bowl Half Time show because she “can’t dance”, Adele’s all about keeping things real.

So rather than hide behind a stiff press release after cancelling her show in Phoenix, Arizona tonight August 18th due to illness, the singer decided to post a personal update to her fans.

Taking to Instagram red-eyed, with no make-up on and clearly on the verge of tears, Adele admitted she had pushed herself “too hard” during the first of her two scheduled Phoenix gigs last night, and was going to have to sit tonight’s show out.

A video posted by @adele on

“I can’t do my show tonight, my second show here. I’m really, really sorry,” she said in the video, posted overnight.

“I’ve had a cold for a couple of days, and I’ve been pushing through it. I did my show last night and I loved it, but I pushed too hard and as you can hear, even if I did the show it wouldn’t be very good.

The singer admitted she had been “trying to sing all morning and warming up” to no avail. It’s the first time Adele has cancelled a show in years, after pulling out of a series of UK and US gigs back in 2011 due to a vocal haemorrhage which saw her undergo extensive throat surgery.

“It felt like something popped in my throat,” she said of her injury at the time. “Like someone put a curtain over my throat…and I could feel it.”

Over on Twitter, there’s been no anger, just a lot of VERY sympathetic fans:

Just now the singer’s tour managers confirmed via social media that tonight’s show would be rescheduled to November 21st, with all tickets still valid for that date.

Get well soon, Adele <3


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