In Honour Of Their 32nd Birthday, We Look Back On Our Favourite Mary Kate And Ashley Movies

Think it's time to watch 'em again!

Today is the birthday of the most famous twins in the world, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, who basically every girl in the world looked up to during their 2000s heyday.

To celebrate the girls turning 32 (yep, 32), we’re looking back on our favourite MK and A movies.

Billboard Dad

The one where: Tess (MK) and Emily (Ashley) are 12-year-old twins who live in Cali with their single dad. After deciding that he needs to find romance, the pair set up a plan to paint him a lonely-hearts ad on a huge billboard in hope of attracting the woman of his dreams.

Why we love it: It’s full of cheeky and witty one liners and lots of heart from both of the girls. Plus, it’s like a 90s time capsule.

It Takes Two

The one where: Estranged twin sisters Alyssa (Ashley) and Amanda (MK) meet at summer camp and discover that they are exact opposites in every way, except that they are both worried about their family lives, from their single father to their social worker.

Why we love it: Although this movie is very similar to the premise of The Parent Trap (hmm), the Olsen twins something extra to this tale as old as time about a lonely father and an evil stepmother.

New York Minute 

The one where: Jane (Ashley) is a Oxford University hopeful who intends to give an important speech in Manhattan which may grant her a scholarship – but when she travels to New York with her music-obsessed twin sister Roxy (MK), chaos ensues.

Why we love it: The fast paced New York lifestyle played well with the slightly older Olsen twins in this movie and their wardrobe was spot on trends at the time. Who didn’t want a distressed I Heart NY t-shirt after watching this?

Holiday in the Sun 

The one where: Madison (MK) and Alex (Ashley) Stewart are 15-year-old high-schoolers who get pulled out of school early by their dad and flown to the five-star Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas in his private jet. Despite being away from their friends on their holidays, the pair set out to make the most of their holiday meeting cute boys and encountering mean girl Brianna.

Why we love it: With it’s sunny locations and adventures galore, this film was every girls dream. And Megan Fox playing the feisty villain was an extra bonus.

Passport to Paris

The one where: Melanie (MK) and Allyson (Ashley) go to Paris to stay with their grandfather, but when they get there they find out he’s too busy to spend any time with them and are put in the care of his assistant Jeremy. They soon get bored of being chaperoned so ditch him and make friends with a fashion model and ride on the back of hot French boys’ Vespas. The dream.

Why we love it: The girls are living our fantasies in this movie and it transports you to the city if lights, where the duo haven’t a care in the world. Total bliss.


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