Influencer Aoife Walsh Admits To Feeling ‘A Lot More Anxious’ In Lockdown This Week

The bride-to-be candidly spoke about how she's feeling, knowing that a lot of people are 'feeling the same...'


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Aoife Walsh has opened up about lockdown, revealing she’s finding this one particularly difficult.

The model admits the last few days have been quite tough, but she’s grateful to be at home with her family during these hard times.

“I’m definitely feeling a lot more anxious this week. I don’t know why, but I’m definitely feeling it a lot this week. I’ve seen a lot of people posting online feeling the same,” she said

“I’m going to chill out. I’m still at home. I’m probably going to head back to Dublin next week after an extended Christmas period. It’s been really nice to spend time with mum and dad because I hadn’t been home since August so it was lovely to hang out here.”


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Aoife was due to wed last year, but like thousands of others around the country, had to postpone her big day due to Covid-19.

While she was set to walk down the aisle in summer 2020, decided to push it back until later this year in a bid to protect the health and well-being of her family.

“It won’t be our original date, but I know it’s going to be just as great,” Aoife said.

“We’ve officially postponed our wedding until 2021 but I’m grateful my family and friends are safe and healthy and to have my man by my side once again.”

She continued, “Fellow brides, we will party until our legs drop off when the time comes and on the bright side, we get to wear silly veils and bridal hoodies like this for another year!


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“Thinking of all the wedding community who I’ve been chatting to over the last few weeks!”

If you’re struggling with lockdown, be sure to reach out to someone, whether it’s friends or family, or professionals.

You can reach Samaritans by calling 116 123 or Aware at 1800 80 48 48

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