“It’s Like Having A Sleepover” Influencer Sophie Murray Teases Her New Podcast

We caught up with her last week

Sophie Murray’s star is well and truly on the rise. Growing exponentially on social media over the last year, she was just recently crowned our InstaStar of the year at our 2022 Hayu InstaStar Awards, and she’s not stopping there.

Catching up with her on the red carpet, Sophie told us that she’s currently working on something pretty exciting – a brand new podcast.

Hoping to bring all the cosy-girly vibes to her listeners, Sophie said that the podcast will be about her sharing her thoughts and advice on different topics with her followers. She wants you to feel as if you’re having a sleepover with her and spilling the tea, which sounds ideal to us.


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A podcast is coming. It’s going to be a solo podcast. Literally, it’ll be like me and my gals having a chat, like we’re having a sleepover,” she said. 

Continuing on, she added: “It’ll be very short and sweet, my thoughts on things, my advice on things, I’m so excited!”

Sophie says that the community she’s built up around her is something she’s really proud of. With a largely female following, she says that trolling and abuse is something she rarely has to deal with and for that, she’s grateful.

I really have the best audience. They’re all mainly girls, so it’s good vibes only, it makes me so happy. I love sharing, and I love oversharing.”


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However, she says that she does have boundaries when it comes to sharing some things online, like her close friends and family.

I would get really upset if I was to share my mum and someone said something mean about her. You can say what you want about me I don’t care because I’m putting myself out there, but I’m a little more careful about sharing friends and family, and even my boyfriend.”

For now, there’s no set date on when Sophie’s podcast will be available to listen to. But we’ll be keeping a very close eye on her social media as we wait for it to drop.


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