Insta Creep: Emma Stone Is Engaged To Her Boyfriend Of Three Years…

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Emma Stone is engaged but the ring selfie is blurry and we CAN’T SEE THE RING PROPERLY. EMMA.

Anyway, Emma has been dating Saturday Night Live writer Dave McCary since 2017 – and last night, he shared a photo confirming their engagement. Look at their happy little heads!

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As we mentioned, the ring is out of focus but we’re just going to say it’s nice and move on.

The pair were congratulated by fans and friends alike, including Dave’s SNL fam and tennis star Billie Jean King, whom Emma portrayed in the 2017 film Battle of the Sexes. Lovely! It’s all lovely.

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Mood all Winter #alexamagazine

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Instagram took down a picture of Jason Derulo’s penis and he’s NOT impressed.

OK, so it wasn’t a full frontal nude or anything, but he was wearing tiny swimming trunks and you could see… a lot.

Instagram clearly thought it was too much, because they removed the photo for “nudity or sexual activity”:

“Fuk u mean? I have underwear on… I can’t help my size,” he wrote. He absolutely can’t help his ‘size’, but we believe he knew exactly what he was doing. The thirst trap was too powerful! It simply had to go.

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Princesses 👑

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In a crossover we never thought we’d see, Holly Willoughby and Lena Dunham met and had a cosy chat. 

Holly and Lena were both guests on Jonathan Ross’ show this week, and appeared to get on very well indeed – Holly called Lena “one of life’s shining lights”:

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One of life’s shining lights… @lenadunham ✨

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Look at them! Bestos!

The interview doesn’t air until Saturday, so we’ll hopefully find out what endeared them to each other then.

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too sick for school eh

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Chrissy Teigen’s daughter Luna sang an extremely creepy song and everyone should watch their backs. 

Luna managed to wrangle a day off school yesterday after claiming she was sick, and spent her downtime composing a terrifying tune.

It starts off pretty innocent and cute (“Momma’s gonna love you all the day”) and turns into… well, we’ll let you listen:

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Chrissy and John, you’re living in a horror film. Get out now.


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