Insta Creep: Harry Styles Hung Out With Taylor Swift’s BFF, And Fans Need To Know What It Means…

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Uh oh. Harry Styles and Karlie Kloss appear to be hanging out, and Taylor Swift fans are freaking out.

Some backstory: Karlie and Taylor are (former?) best friends. Taylor and Harry famously had an on-off relationship in 2013 – it was brief, but formed the basis of basically a whole album of songs for Taylor.

You’d assume that Karlie would steer clear of the man who did such a number on her best pal’s heart, but here they are cosy as anything at lunch on a boat in Italy with designer Diane Von Furstenberg. Fans are up in arms. What does this MEAN?

Rumours have been flying for a while that Karlie and Taylor are no longer pals – Taylor didn’t publicly congratulate Karlie on her recent engagement (as so many of her celeb pals did), and Karlie hasn’t gone to any of her Reputation shows (as so many of HER celeb pals did). There’s also the fact that fans have long suspected them of being a secret couple (#Kaylor), and that they maybe broke up last year.

So this could be a way of sticking it to her ex-BFF/GF. It could mean that Taylor has given everyone the OK to speak to Harry again. OR they could just have found themselves thrust into a photo together, and it’s all very awkward now. Whatever it is, we’ll probably never know.

What a beautiful day for a wedding, me and my cankles really enjoyed it!

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Today FM’s Louise Duffy only went and had her baby! Well, she actually gave birth three weeks ago, but had been that keeping pretty quiet until yesterday.

She shared a photo of her cradling little Esmé Galvin, looking every inch the glam mam:

Recently, she’d been teasing husband Paul Galvin for doing ‘dad prep’ by wearing socks and sandals. We’re sure he’s taking to fatherhood just fine.

Ready yourselves to feel super old, but… the twins who played Emma on Friends are now 16 years of age. 

Emma was, of course, the child of Rachel Green and Ross Gellar, born in season eight, which aired in 2002.

She was played by twins Cali and Noelle Sheldon – they’re still acting, and recently bagged roles in Jordan Peele’s new film Us.

That is so fetch!

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Sorry for reminding you of your mortality of a Thursday morning.


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