Insta Creep: Jessica Simpson And Natalie Portman Are The Last Celebs You’d Expect To Have A Disagreement…

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Jessica Simpson had a disagreement with Natalie Portman over something she said about Time’s Up, and the two rectified it like the grown women they are. 

In a recent interview, Natalie spoke of feeling “confused” as a teenager seeing how women were portrayed in the media:

I remember being a teenager, and there was Jessica Simpson on the cover of a magazine saying ‘I’m a virgin’ while wearing a bikini, and I was confused. Like, I don’t know what this is trying to tell me as a woman, as a girl.

While the Oscar winner wasn’t calling out Jessica directly, but more society as a whole, Jessica tweeted her side of the story.

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Sending lots of love out this morning ?

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“As public figures, we both know our image is not totally in our control at all times, and that the industry we work in often tries to define us and box us in,” Jessica wrote.

I was taught to be myself and honour the different ways all women express themselves, which is why I believed then – and I believe now – that being sexy in a bikini and being proud in my body are not synonymous with having sex. I have made it my practice not to shame other women for their choices. In this era of Time’s Up and all the great work you have done for women, I encourage you to do the same.

Responding on Instagram, Natalie said that she completely agreed, but meant that she was confused as a girl by “the media’s mixed messages” about how women were supposed to behave.

“I didn’t mean to shame you and I’m sorry for any hurt my words my have caused. I have nothing but respect for your talent and your voice,” she wrote. Our mature queens.

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Perhaps trying to deflect attention from her breakup with Offset, Cardi B has posted a pic of their baby, Kulture. 

Yesterday, Cardi announced that she and her rapper husband would be getting a divorce after one year of marriage – rumours of his infidelity have been following the pair around since their relationship went public.

Today she posted the first picture of baby Kulture, who is an adorable little muffin, we must admit:

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My heart ❤️

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Cardi and Offset have kept their daughter’s face off social media since her birth in July – maybe it was an agreement between the couple that was broken off along with their relationship? Who knows, but we do appreciate another cute baby face to coo over.

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B o r d t

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Meanwhile… the woman accused of being Offset’s mistress has issued a public apology for her role in their split. 

Instagram model Summer Bunni was allegedly one of the women the rapper contacted for a threesome while Cardi was pregnant – while there’s no evidence of said threesome actually taking place, Summer seems to be pretty sorry about the whole thing.

“I will always be woman enough to admit when I’m wrong, and in this situation I was,” she wrote on Instagram.

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To whom it may concern.

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Seeing another woman’s pain does not bring me any joy, nor do I think it’s funny. I’ve always been for women supporting each other but in this situation not only myself but others have failed… Going into 2019 focused and dedicated to becoming a better me.


And now it’s time for… #SponConCorner

*Spon con = sponsored content. Who’s flogging what, and why?

Geordie Shore’s Chloe Ferry recently did a #ad seeking followers for her ‘good friend’ (such a good friend that she doesn’t even follow her back on Instagram!) who is “showing people how she’s been making £10k+ every month just by using her phone”. The answer, in case you’re wondering, is stocks and investments. Yes, Chloe accepted money to turn her feed into a dodgy pop-up ad. 2018 is cool.


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